About Lifestyle Xpressions

ljp (2)Lisa Marie Jean-Pierre is a certified Holistic Health Coach based out of central Florida. In 1999, she ventured into the world of health and wellness and hasn’t turned back since. She’s a lifestyle concierge who is passionate about helping her clients lead a happy and healthy life. Through her Lifestyle Xpressions brand, she has used her own life experiences to build a platform that caters to those seeking to find balance and truth with the aid of wholistic wellness services and products.

As a mother, visionary, and entrepreneur, Lisa describes herself as a “wellness warrior”. She’s on a mission to inspire the masses to live fulfilling lives from the inside out.

Being a certified professional, Lisa explores different areas of lifestyle management as a facial specialist, body wrapper, and wellness consultant. She has put her own twist on coaching and consulting others when it comes to creating healthy habits, and maintaining a balanced way of life.

Lifestyle Xpressions is an exhibition of the ideals she has found to be helpful along her journey to discovering herself. “I faced many challenges and I decided to take responsibility for them. I gained appreciation for life, my place in the world, and my potential for changing the things I didn’t like about myself. As a result, I cultivated ideas and methods that can assist others with finding balance while working, being parents, and juggling day-to-day responsibilities”, she says.

As Lisa Marie Jean-Pierre continues to build Lifestyle Xpressions, she utilizes the insight she’s obtained to create her own business philosophy. A philosophy based around patience, humility and compassion, which helps her provide practical options for living a better life for all who cross her path.